Monday, May 23, 2011

Introducing "Goblin's Humiliator"

Hey guys! Here's something I've been working on that is finally ready to roll out:

Goblin's Humiliator

The Humiliator is a motivation tool for writers. It's a bit of Javascript code that displays a small image on your blog or personal website, and this image--depending on how many days in a row you've skipped writing--becomes increasingly embarrassing.

The idea here is that once you've put the Humiliator on your website, your fear of public embarrassment will goad you into writing every day consistently. And who can't use a little extra incentive?

Please click the link to go to the home page of The Humiliator, and consider signing up. It's completely free and kinda fun!

Click here to get Goblin's Humiliator
for your website or blog!