Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interview With the Query Goblin

Wow, the Goblin was feeling all famous and stuff! This delusion was provoked by the naive kindness of Melodie Wright, the author of Query 23, who--not realizing what a juggernaut of mind-searing arrogance she could unleash upon the world--asked the Query Goblin for an interview.

Thankfully, however, just after the Goblin's head swelled up with ego-mania and hubris, she walked into a door-frame, knocked herself out, and the malignant noggin deflated harmlessly as she snored.

You can read Melody's interview on her blog, Forever Rewrighting, by clicking the following link:

Interview With the Query Goblin

Thanks so much, Melodie! And I promise I'm feeling much better now! (You can put down the tazer, I swear.)