Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Policy

Hello All,

To help encourage discussion in the comments section, I've decided that I will offer constructive criticism for each new query. This will be just a quick note to say what I thought the original query did well, what I thought could be improved in it, and what I think is still lacking in my own edited version of that query.

I will always try to keep these comments supportive, constructive, and kind, just as--and I am very happy and grateful to see this happening--the blog's other commenters already do.

Anyone who submitted a query to me previously, and who would like me to comment on their query in this fashion also, can leave me a note in the Questions/Suggestions Forum and ask me to re-visit their query and leave my thoughts on it. I would be most happy to oblige you in this!

Thank you all for your attention and continued interest in The Query Goblin site.