Saturday, March 5, 2011

Success Story! And A Request For More Comments

Beckarah, of Query #2: Eyes of Stone, has this good news to pass on!
Just wanted to drop by and say thanks, because my query, which relied heavily on your rewrite, has gotten 2 partial requests from *BIG* agencies and now I have a full request from a publisher! Trying not to get my hopes up, but there's little doubt I'd have gotten this far without help from awesome (and patient) people like Query Goblin and her followers. Thanks!! :D
Congratulations, Beckarah! May this lead to publication for Eyes of Stone!


Also, to everyone, Faraci has a very strong re-write for the query of World Book up in the comments of this post and I'm sure more comments on it would be appreciated!


And finally, to Lisa, your query will be up in about three days. Sorry for the wait, but I'm almost finished with my real-life craziness! Things will be back to normal very soon. I appreciate your patience. :-)