Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thank you, Perri!

Thank you to Perri at Lesser Apricots for nominating a certain Goblin for a Stylish Blogger award! (It must have the catwalk-sexy stylings of my luxuriant armpit hair that wowed her. Check that photo of me in the sidebar.)

Normally, one passes these awards on, but I thought I'd instead give everyone an opportunity to introduce themselves. Please say hi in the comment trail!

And, if you post the words "Link me!" in your comment, I will add a link to your blog/website here on the main post! (Be sure to add the URL, if you're not commenting via your Blogger account.)

Behold, the Non-Bashful Goblinites:
Perri, at Lesser Apricots
Beckah-Rah (Who also critiques synopses!)
J. A. Beard, at Rift Watcher (Brand new blog!)