Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Query #11: "A Rocket to the Moon", by Lisa

This query is from Lisa for the novel A Rocket to the Moon. Thank you Lisa for the honour of allowing me to work on and post this! (And my apologies for the travel-related delay.)


Since January 8th, Lexi Dwyer has written letters to a dead boy. On December 23rd, she was the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed 163 others. She thinks that Liam, the boy she writes to, survived. He didn't.

Catapulted into unwanted fame, she has to fend off journalists and religious crazies, while dealing with exams, embarrassing parents, and a complicated relationship with an older man. On top of that, Liam's 'survival' is literally driving her mad. Plagued by nightmares and frequent visits from Liam, can she keep her sanity in the most tumultous year of her life?

A ROCKET TO THE MOON is my edgy YA novel complete at 60,000 words.


On Christmas Eve, Lexi Dwyer survived a plane crash that killed 163 others, and that survival catapults her into an intensely-unwanted fame.

Juggling school, embarrassing parents, and her recovery is bad enough, but Lexi must also fend off journalists and religious crazies. She only has two people she can really talk to about the most tumultuous year of her life--an older man, whose relationship with Lexi is growing ever more complicated, and Liam, a fellow survivor she met in the hospital.

Nightmares plague Lexi, but it's only when Liam--who never answers her letters--begins visiting Lexi more and more frequently that she realizes something is very wrong. She investigates, only to learn Liam did not survive the disaster.

Now Lexi must grapple with yet another terror no sixteen-year-old should have to go through--the knowledge that while her body survived the crash, her mind possibly has not.

A ROCKET TO THE MOON is an edgy YA novel complete at 60,000 words.

Goblin Caveat: Some elements that may not be accurate for the novel have been added to this edited version of the query.

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