Sunday, March 13, 2011

Question for the Goblinites:

Hello all,

I was hoping to ask your opinion on a delicate matter. I've noted the discussion in the comments sections has been tailing off recently, and I'd like to reverse that trend if possible.

Do any of you have suggestions for what would get you more involved in the discussion for a given query? What sort of things get you engaged in these kinds of conversations? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Also, one possibility I've entertained is that I, La Goblinne, could become more involved in the comments too. I've avoided doing so thus far in order to uphold my goal of providing judgement-free help to queriers. By voicing an opinion in the comments, I felt I would have to step back from that ideal.

However, I could do this very tactfully, and given that other commenters already say what they think of the queries in the comment section, any writer who truly doesn't want to see criticisms of their work can still just avoid the comment trail.

Do you have an opinion on this second issue? Should I continue to mutely provided editing and re-write suggestions, or should I outline what I think works and what could be improved in the comments section for a given query?

Thank you all for your assistance!

~ Goblin